EV Charging Stations App


Our client is a United Kingdom-based recognized engineering company with longstanding experience in varying business streams of engineering from electrical and energy services industries to the electric vehicle industry and more. They are progressive and are going to be the largest owner-operator of rapid DC charging stations in the UK.

The client’s services have benefitted electric vehicle drivers, the landowners that house the charging units, and ultimately, the UK’s environment by supporting the use of less polluting electric vehicles. The client’s primary goal was to develop their e-Mobile Service Provider platform which will allow them to take ownership of the driver experience and provide the ability to target customers, which will in turn drive the increase in charge station utilization and brand awareness.  

It was challenging for the client to develop a solution because of certain critical challenges faced by them such as:

  • Integration with the ChargePoint, Inc CPO based on the open standard OCPI interface
  • Driver Mobile applications for both Android and iOS
  • Driver Web Portal
  • Fleet Management Portal
  • Platform Administration User Interface
  • Payment processing mechanism


Tools & Technology

  • Node
  • React
  • Swift
  • Kotlin
  • Microsoft VS Code
  • XCode
  • Android Studio
  • PostgreSQL
  • AWS Cloud


After thoughtful planning and research, the Expert software development team of TatvaSoft outlined a plan to develop a platform considering all the prerequisites of the Client. We developed a solution with all-inclusive functionalities required for an e-Mobility Service Provider. E-Mobility Service Providers offer EV charging services to EV drivers. An EMSP provides access to a variety of charging points around a geographic area. MSPs help EV drivers find charging stations, start charging events and pay with various payment methods.

We developed a platform that delivers the following software components to provide a world-class experience to the drivers for an e-Mobility Service Provider platform. We divided the whole solution into three basic sections:

Mobile Application / Web Portal

  • Driver Authentication Allow the user to authenticate with Federated access via either their Facebook or Google account or client’s identity account.
  • Map/List view Drivers can view different available charge stations on maps. Users can apply filters and search on the map. The user has an option to select a map or list view.
  • Start Charge using below available options
    • Within App
    • Virtual RFID card from Android / iOS phone
    • RFID Card
  • Realtime Charging Progress Drivers are enabled to view real-time charging progress within the App.
  • Payment History / VAT Receipt Drivers can view charging and payment history. They can download the VAT receipt from payment history.
  • Customize Notification Management Drivers can customize the different notifications received via App Notification or Email notification. Drivers can on-off the Notification.
  • Multiple Payment Configuration Drivers can set up credits or prepayment accounts. Auto deduction of charge after each charging.
  • Promotions Drivers can avail of different promotions available on the platform. Promotions like refer friend, reward points, third party promotions.
  • Cancel Account Drivers can cancel their accounts, the System will remove all their information from the platform.

Platform Administrator

  • Users Allow a system administrator to configure the platform users
  • Groups Allow a system administrator to configure the platform groups. Groups can be assigned to users.
  • Permissions Allow a system administrator to configure permission based on groups. Users can only access the features which are assigned to groups a user belongs to.
  • Drivers Allow a system administrator to manage the driver accounts. Users can add tags and groups to drivers.
  • Organizations Allow a system administrator to configure organizations. Users can associate different groups and users to organizations.
  • Issues of RFID Cards Allow a system administrator to issue the different RFID cards based on a request from driver or fleet organizations.
  • Payment Settings Allow a system administrator to configure the payment service to provide settings on the platform. Users can make any payment service as a default service.
  • Charging Stations Allow a system administrator to view all the available charge stations on the platform. Users can add groups and tags to charge stations.
  • Promotions Allow a system administrator to configure different types of promotions to drivers. Promotions like account credit, free initial periods, preferential kWh rate, rewards points, refer a friend or link any third-party promotions to charge stations.
  • Manage Tariff Allow a system administrator to set up different tariffs for charging stations. They can link the tariff to different promotions.
  • Payments Allow a system administrator to see all payments done on the platform. Additional features of generating refunds or resolving any failure transactions.
  • Site Amenities Allow a system administrator to add additional site amenities to the platform. Users can associate these amenities to different charge stations.
  • VAT Configurations Allow a system administrator to configure the different VAT rates on the platform. Associate the VAT to tariffs.
  • Manage Terms & Conditions Allow a system administrator to set up different terms and conditions for the platforms. Whenever any terms change it should get the confirmation to all drivers on the sign in.

Fleet Management Portal

  • Users Allow a fleet administrator to add portal users.
  • Drivers Allow a fleet user to define their drivers or vehicle accounts.
  • Payment History Allow a fleet user to see the payment history for their account. It also allows users to download the VAT receipt.
  • Payment Configurations Allow a fleet user to configure the payment settings for their account. Users can set up their credit card with this platform.
  • Fleet Management APIs Allow a fleet organization to manage their account via accessing the exposed APIs.
  • RFID Cards Allow a fleet user to import/configure RFID cards to their vehicle or driver accounts.

Our additional Solution Offerings

  • Payment scheduler: A scheduler that runs in the mid-night every day to perform the payment transaction for an outstanding balance of credit accounts.
  • Integration of OCPI Services for the below modules: Integration with the ChargePoint using OCPI protocol. Define all below mentioned OCPI services to perform synchronization and real-time data, charging progress, authorization with charge stations.
    • Support Multiple versions
    • Version details
    • Negotiate Credentials
    • Locations / Charge Stations
    • Tariffs
    • Sessions (Realtime Session)
    • CDRs (Charge details records)
    • Commands (Start / Stops)


TatvaSoft has been deeply engaged with detailed considerations on the client’s intricacies to provide them with an anticipated solution. With this software solution, the client was able to increase the use of charge stations with easy signup and subscribe to facilities. The client was advantageous to benefits such as

  • Easy to use the highly-rated mobile application
  • Functionality that charges their electric vehicle
  • Financial transactions can be easily performed via a payment service provider relationship owned by the Client.
  • Improved brand awareness.

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