Global Logistics Solution


Our customer is a leading provider of Freight Management Solutions who wanted to ingest cutting-edge technologies within their business. To make freight trading hassle-free and timely, they decided to eliminate paperwork needed in freight management from the starting point to the end of deliveries across the world.

With an aim to improve efficiency, reduce the risk of non-compliance, and activate mobility for all the brokers, importers, exporters, freight forwarders, and de-consolidators, we created a centralized accessible platform. From over more than 25 years in the trade business and serving more than 800 users they know that each customer has distinct requirements and needs to be exclusively addressed in their distinct defined structure.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • To integrate trade solutions into a web-based single platform from a multi-branch organization
  • Create a solution that streamlines all the processes across various departments in an organization
  • Compatible systems where ABI/ACE conforms to all US custom regulations.
  • Centralized entity management system to manage all users and set their respective roles. Where originations can store all required information and reuse that information for future export operations.
  • Provide a centralized solution where users can create shipments and send them to customs from clearance. Fetch results from customs and provide reports to help managers and operators make rapid decisions about shipments
  • Create an accounting system to manage and validate data points such as invoices, proforma invoices, quotations, checks, journals, audit trail them.
  • To perform a container tracking module that enables the company to manage its shipments and consolidate movements from multiple carriers.
  • Dynamic dashboard and report building platform that allows users to design and generate the dashboard and report with a click.
  • Centralized document management system to manage documents associated with shipments.


Tools & Technology

  • jQuery
  • Microsoft Silverlight
  • C#
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Crystal Reports
  • Windows Server


Our specialists at TatvaSoft provided a customized trade solution that has a huge impact on the client’s offerings with the following disruptive modules we developed in the application

Entity Management

  • This module created and managed all the predefined information of the system such as setting up new users, their profiles, carrier codes, airline codes to make it a future-ready application.


  • Brokers can actively make changes utilizing their rights to create shipments, maintain all shipments related documents like 7501, ISF, ACR, and drawback form. Additionally, they can also submit necessary information and exact appropriate payment details to CBP on behalf of their clients.

Air/Ocean Export

  • As per the accessibility rights, the export agency can create master airway bills and house airway bills and can send AES query for shipment clearance and get a quick response on each shipment status.

Air/Ocean AMS

  • AMS systems can generate documents related to shipments entered in the US. Using this, they can send all required information to CBP for incoming shipment clearance.

Breakbulk Import

  • This module works the same as the export system, but unlike the export system, it doesn’t have different containers. Breakbulk cargo is transported in bags, boxes, crates, drums, or barrels.


  • ITS accounting allows users to enter data at once for all the invoices, checks, journals, till the audit trails, and General Ledgers are completed. ITS Accounting module effectively portrays other details such as financial statements, statements of cash flow, and statement of Working Capital.


  • This module allows users to create a proforma invoice before actual transmission takes place.

Dashboard Manager and Report Writer

  • Using this module, admin can generate dynamic dashboards and can access reports of their clients or their requirements.

Document Management System

  • This module stores and manages all the documents required for shipment transmission from a single place.

Container Tracking

  • ITS VelaTrack module is integrated with all the ITS logistics applications enabling your company to manage your shipments and consolidate movements from multiple carriers. It constantly monitors your shipment status and tracks data in a concise, and personalized interface. Details such as empty pickup, sailing schedules, ETD by route, ETA, the gate in full, loaded on Board, Discharge Full, and Gate out Full.


The client achieved the following business benefits by partnering to technology solution partner- TatvaSoft:

  • The client’s business emerged out as a leading provider of Freight Management Solutions.
  • The system has centralized and streamlined processes for all the departments of the organization.
  • Improved information visibility and transparency across various business units.
  • Better financial reports in collaboration with each business unit.
  • Shorten the operations time and improved customer satisfaction ratio.

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