For all the patients specifically like elderly or disabled ones who are unable to visit their doctor for a regular check-up nor the doctors can afford to step out of the clinic because of a tight schedule, will now have a convenient solution. App “online consulting Platforms” is just a tap away for doctors and patients to book their appointments. This platform empowers access to extra care for patients and improved conventional consulting formulas with a tinge of digitalization.

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The client is a healthcare management group of Doctors catering to multiple businesses with innovative healthcare solutions. With the same innovative thought, our client decided to develop an application that would help doctors to consult their patients while being mobile. They decided to develop an application solution where patients can confirm their booking over the phone and any doctors or physicians can manage their consultation patients hassle-free by staying at their home.

The challenge with the application was to eliminate the legacy pattern of working and switch to the latest technology. To create a multi-user interface with the following functionalities was a challenge for the client to develop inhouse.

They were unable to create the demanded features such as

  • Offering mobility for their patients to book appointments quickly and easily
  • Track their physicians, take follow-ups, and consult doctors on the call
  • Physicians/ Doctors can track their appointment, schedule it for later use, create their shifts, and upload the final reports.

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Tools & Technology

  • iOS
  • Android
  • .NET
  • Java
  • SQL Server
  • Swift
  • RxSwift
  • RxKotlin
  • Xcode
  • Android Studio


Our team of analysts delves deep into the business requirements outlined a strategy to deliver the basic features and requirements. After we have an insight, we finalized the plan, divided the whole project into smaller milestones so the rest of the development process goes smoothly.

Our team of excellent developers designed this app, where patients can book their appointments, add their symptoms and problems in form, quick payments, and service and they can track their physician. Physicians can create shifts, make house calls, and track their appointments with diff states. And admin can review all the Requests and transfer or cancel them, they can approve or reject shifts.

Eminent Features of the applications

  • Patients can see their appointments or can create one
  • All the users can access the reports and can chat with physicians and deposit amounts and can create new requests for house calls.
  • Users can track and keep a check on their Physicians
  • Patients can track their physician when the physician starts Housecall.
  • Users can add Credit card details for hasslefree payments
  • Patients can add some details of credit card for online payments
  • Patients are also eligible to chat with a physician
  • Providers can Track and Manage all the requests with our best UI
  • Physicians can see all the requests with different states. New, Working, Pending, Reserved, Followup, Conclude
  • Physician can check schedules and make new shifts
  • Users can see their schedule and can see approved and pending shifts and can create newer ones
  • Admin can approve shifts can make new shifts
  • Admins are allowed to see all the shifts of physicians, they can transfer requests, view all the duties.

User Access and rights

Patient’s App

  • Accessible to create an account and add a request to the doctor.
  • Also can add requests for family/Friend, Concierge and Business partner
  • App fully supports Halo membership (monthly care subscriptions)
  • Can view request history and status
  • Patients can chat with Physicians and Admin in case of any queries
  • Patients can view important documents like consent, financial agreement, medical report, insurance claim form, etc.

Doctor’s App

  • Physicians can view a list of requests. Apps show status wise requests
  • Physicians can accept Patient requests and start to provide care
  • View requestor information and location details
  • Physicians can perform actions based on Request status
  • Physicians can chat with patients and Admin
  • Physicians can add his/her availability schedule on the system. Requests are shown based on physician availability
  • Admin can also access apps and monitor the requests
  • View provider current/last location in the app.
  • View case history with filter options
  • View physician availability and is rightful to accept/reject schedule request
  • Admin can manage roles.

Highlighted Features

Request Screen
Admin Screen
Location Screen


This app potentially helps doctors and patients both with many unique benefits like:

  • App provides the client with an easy solution to track on-duty physicians
  • Client can approve shifts and see patients' reports and documents
  • App provides hassle-free management of case requests and patient's progress

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