Our client is a leading consultancy firm acting as a middleman between multiple businesses and their customized needs of freelancing resources. With progressive ideology, the client envisioned to develop a next-gen application for the freelancers and small medium or large size businesses to stop being headhunters and create a platform that turns out to be an opportunity for multiple talents who lack access. The client wanted to develop a talent software solution for all businesses that seek skilled employees with experienced and directional vision.

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The client business was already engaged with multiple businesses that needed access to a talented pool of resources. The client decided to coincide with both these parties on a single platform by developing a scalable and futuristic mobile application. This solution will be beneficial for both the business and the freelancers providing an equal economic opportunity.

The challenge with the application was to eliminate the legacy pattern of working and switch to the latest technology. To create a multi-user interface with the following functionalities was a challenge for the client to develop inhouse.


Our developers were challenged to make an application that ensures the Creative/Freelancer gets quick payments rather than waiting for long, and concurrently the client/project creator seeks proficient employees based on their project requirements.


Apps are driving the new world of technology with innovation and with the same thought, our client decided to develop an application that will be a game-changer in the world of freelancing business. Adhering to the prerequisites of the client, our team started to outline a roadmap to develop a feature-rich, highly competent, and secure app for their users.

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Tools & Technology

  • iOS
  • Backend
  • .NET
  • SQLite
  • MsSQL
  • C#
  • Stripe Payment Gateway
  • Google Places
  • Goodhire
  • Instagram
  • YouTube
  • Mux
  • Amazon S3
  • ImgIX
  • Firebase
  • SendGrid
  • Xcode 11.4
  • MS Visual Studio


After researching and exploring, our team of tech-engineers developed an iOS and Android-based mobile application for freelancers to have a secure and open opportunity for quick Job findings using a secure and reliable platform. With TatvaSoft’s platform, you can scale up your teams dynamically to meet your business needs. Also, professionals can augment their career graph with access to more opportunities.

Highlight of App

  • Different profile for different Role

    One user can have different profiles for both Creative and Client, so they can manage their work efficiently. They can choose their role in sign up and can create others from the same email.

  • Creative can add Services

    Creatives can add their service and Category, Rate per hour, Description, Travel distance, and examples. Users can create multiple services they provide for showcasing their talent on their profile.

  • Creative can reach to projects from a Marketplace

    Users can find projects handy just one tap away on the marketplace, they can apply to multiple projects, they can see projects which have similar categories they provide in their service and they can filter them.

  • Users can see Project details before applying

    Users get to know all insights of the project before applying to the project, they can see Location, description, estimated hours of the gig, budget, creator’s name and profile. Users can also add their rates according to budget into their application to get the best chance to be selected.

  • Users can see the application for the gig and select the best applicant for the gig

    Users can see profile, service, rates, message, and examples of applicant’s work before hiring them.

  • Quick Payment

    The main goal is to provide quick payment to creatives, so this ensures that before the job starts the app collects the Payment, and releases it once the job time is completed.

  • Users can see Creatives nearby

    From the dashboard client can see creatives nearby, they even can change the city location to find new creatives. They can apply filters to find according to their need for the project. We have simplified our app through Tab navigation.

  • Users can see Service Details before requesting a proposal

    Here users can see every detail about service a creative user is providing and can see their examples of work in photos and videos. Users can directly request a proposal from here and can choose Upcoming projects.

Key features were:

  • Identity Verification via Third Party
  • Post a Job
  • Browse Jobs
  • View Jobs
  • Apply to a Job
  • Create and View Projects
  • Hire creative
  • Profile View
  • Profile Edit
  • Google Maps SDK
  • Payment Integration with a Third-Party Tool
  • Blocking/Flagging/Reporting capability
  • Push notifications
  • User Messaging
  • Firebase Crashlytics
  • Firebase analytics
  • Image Upload (Gallery, Camera, Instagram)
  • Ghost User ability for read-only app interaction
  • Video Upload (Gallery, Camera, Instagram, YouTube)

Highlighted Features

TMRO Search
Artist Account
TMRO Projects


With our dexterous team of developers who worked consistently on the project and ensured timely and secure deliveries of the solution. We accomplished the project with the following outcomes:

  • Access to the talented pool of resources
  • One time investment saves time and improves accessibility
  • Easily accessible portfolios of freelancers to portray their work

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