Our client is a retail and ecommerce giant dealing with multiple restaurant chains within the country. From the past few years, the client has observed massive growth in internet-first restaurants with operations that are managed by their own kitchen and own delivery which is basically an on-demand model. The client agenda was to develop an application for customers to explore more restaurants nearby and enhance their online food delivery experience.

Though, the client already had a website capable of managing multiple restaurants, products and orders by creating a separate section for it. The only challenge the client had was to have a single service provider who offers a full suite of technology to develop and run an online food delivery application. Now advancing the features of their current-day applications, now the client wanted to develop an app that would seamlessly integrate all their needs without any hustle.

All that the client aimed with this application was:

  • Assist people to discover great restaurants and their food
  • Build exceptional food experiences
  • Help restaurants improve their services with customers experiences

Our client’s ecommerce application was based on a simple idea of providing scanned menus to the customers, along with enabling them to order food online. The client was highly enthusiastic about this idea of developing a fully-functional featured online application for restaurant management and order management. Thus the client approached TatvaSoft with this unique proposition and our team readily took up the challenge to develop this application.


Tools & Technology

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Magento
  • Apache


After analyzing our client’s requirements and needs, our business team prepared a breakdown structure document that portrayed a structural view of the entire project. We suggested our client - to develop three variants in an app - including an app for customers and an admin for restaurants and to list down their menus and other useful data. TatvaSoft’s team of developers started exploring the clients’ requirements and in no time the implementation started. This unique application development challenged our developers at various points and they specifically faced challenges in the following aspects.

Handling of customers

  • During any special occasion or any event, handling numerous customers at the same time was an issue. Customers rush to restaurants during a particular peak hour and it was necessary to stabilize the system with many customers online and ordering at the same time.
  • Our developers resolved this scenario by optimizing the code wherever needed. The team of developers increased the server instance and RAM as high as possible. Our team then further optimized the MySQL server by changing its configuration to handle as many queries as possible.

Payment status

  • With the online payment of credit cards through hyperpay, the client had the challenge to manage the payment status in case of internet connection loss during the payment processing or the customer did not come back to the merchant site from the payment gateway.
  • To overcome this scenario, our team of developers implemented a webhook which is called a hyperpay system where they return the payment status of each order and as soon as we receive the status of the payment we notify customers via SMS and push notification about their status of the order.


  • As our team of developers has implemented a solution with multiple websites so customers for each website will not be shared with each other. Magento has an option to set it from the backend, but along with that our team of developers had an issue in the customer login page that redirects to another website if the same customer has an account in two different restaurants which is a possible case.
  • To resolve this, our team of developers researched and debugged the whole Magento logic and its redirect nature of code and the developers came to know that it depends on one cookie variable value which is used for redirection. So developers have set sharing of cookies restricted to only one user of the website and this way the customer's problem of redirection was resolved.

Admin Panel

  • We also suggested the client develop an admin panel with the most optimized features that would decrease the hassle of managing the requests manually.
  • Our suggested eCommerce solution has impressed our client and they instantly agreed to the idea of developing a more advanced system to manage day-to-day operations like orders, promotions, earnings and entire business with just a single click.


Customer App

  • Sign Up The customer’s application is developed to order food and other beverages which come with a signup feature. All they need to do is fill in details like name, (verified) phone number, email address, and birthdate. An OTP pin is generated at the time of signing up which can be used to login after that and can be changed as well.
  • Search The customers can easily search for nearby cafes, cuisine, pubs, food, and more.
  • Multi-language support This app supports multiple languages like Arabic and English, so users of this app can select any language of these two and use this app without any hassle.
  • Push Notifications Push notifications are sent to the users by the admin. The admin can send advertisements and information regarding updates in terms and conditions. Users also get push notifications of the standard actions like order placed and delivered.
  • Pick-up If the customer wishes to save delivery charges and time, he can choose food from the menu on the application and then go to the restaurant to pick it up.
  • Multiple payment options The app has multiple payment options, allowing users to make payments for the orders. Users can directly make payments through debit, credit cards, net banking or using e-wallets and also the COD (Cash on Delivery) option is available. Our developers have also integrated payment gateways to provide a secure payment.
  • Real-time updates Customers receive real-time updates for the orders when the orders get approved, and out-for delivery. Apart from this, the customer will get other important updates and notifications like discounts or exclusive.
  • Browse by category If the customer has not decided on a particular food or wants to look at different options to make up his mind, he can browse under various categories in the selection. These categories can be browsed by menu and products with custom options. More categories and subcategories are added as per the availability.
  • Google Map Integration If the customer does not know the exact address or his location, the app has been integrated with Google Maps so it is very easy for customers to select the exact location using the Google Map.


  • Sign-up and login The app for restaurant owners comes with an easy sign-up and login process that allows restaurants to create an account and sign-in verifying either by their email id or mobile number.
  • Registering a restaurant After logging in to the app, the restaurant owner needs to list his restaurant by providing a pick-up location selected at the time of the checkout in the app to showcase the users. Once they add the restaurant from the app, they will be notified as soon as the restaurant is approved by the admin.
  • Multi-language support This app supports multiple languages like Arabic and English, so restaurant owners of this app can select any language of these two and use this app without any hassle.
  • Real-time management Restaurant owners can set and handle the food preparation time on each order. Moreover, owners can also manage the time of opening and closing of restaurants and also fulfill the order only if the restaurant is open.
  • Multi-branch support This part of the app supports the handling of the same restaurants with different branches by providing pick up selection on the checkout.

Admin Panel

  • Manage all the customers The admin of the business can manage all the customers along with their complete information like name, orders, past orders, and more.
  • Manage all the restaurants Along with customers, the admin can manage all the restaurants with their branches. The admin can add, remove or block any restaurant at any time.
  • Manage orders The admin can manage orders be it canceled, approved and on-going. He can check all orders with a click and manage them with their complete information from the date of ordering to user ratings and reviews.
  • Total earnings With just a few clicks on the screen, the admin can check and manage the total earnings of the restaurant owners along with the date, month and quarterly. The admin can also manage his earnings with the commission rate.
  • Promotions If it is a wedding season or any special event, the admin can provide promo codes for customers to get a discount on orders. The admin can notify all the users or particular region’s users about the discount and promo codes.
  • Reports The admin can create weekly, monthly, quarterly and yearly reports with just one click in the panel. The reports will help the admin to know the status of the entire business.


The client’s partnership with TatvaSoft has offered fruitful benefits to the client. Our team of developers has developed this unique application that would help clients to bridge the gap between customers’ expectations and restaurant management. Our developed ecommerce food app solution has delivered around 1000s of food orders successfully to the customers so far. Through this online platform, customers can find the best food delivery in real-time. This developed application is a One-Stop for restaurant owners to manage the entire food delivery business. No matter what type of foodservice a restaurant provides; the restaurant can manage the entire business using this personal ecommerce platform. In addition, the restaurant can view orders, earnings, promo codes and other things related to business.

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