Our client is a leading building material provider company. Their business is specifically into selling the latest and used building materials at competitive prices. From 1953, they started their demolition projects and gradually when it picked up the pace their business started gaining profitable results. The client business was unique and thus it was growing at an unparalleled scale. Now the client has the sale of the building as a new goal with the demolition and renovation business in hand.

All that the client required now was to develop an ecommerce website that would cater to the needs of the client’s online customers. Their business can grow and expand if they shift from traditional retail business to ecommerce stores where they can sell building materials of all types in multiplicity.

The client approached TatvaSoft with the sole agenda of expanding their business and enhancing clients’ business visibility. We suggested to the client to develop a fully-functional website in the Magento platform which will offer sustainable results using its robust backend architecture and also provide an intuitive frontend experience. While developing this on-demand solution, our Magento development team did not face any major issues because we are already experienced in developing ecommerce solutions, so our team knows what it requires to develop a useful ecommerce website for customers and merchandisers.


Tools & Technology

  • PHP
  • MySQL
  • Magento
  • Apache


TatvaSoft’s team of technical experts analyzed the client’s requirements and needs. Our business team prepared a breakdown detailed document to give a structural view of the entire project. As mentioned, we suggested the client develop a website on the Magento platform for sustainable business outcomes. We also suggested developing an admin panel with the most useful features that decreased the hassle of managing the requests manually.

Our suggested solution impressed the client and they instantly liked the idea of developing a system to manage day-to-day operations like orders, promotions, earnings, shipping, and entire business with just a single click. In our developed solution, we offered some noteworthy features:

Sign Up

  • The customer’s application to order materials comes with a signup feature. All they need to do is fill in details like name, (verified) phone number, email address, and birthdate.

Auto search

  • The customers can easily search for materials according to the category and customized options.

Customized checkout process

  • Customers can freely choose the desired date of delivery, calculate shipment cost by adding the postal/zip code, multiple payment methods, multiple shipping solutions like pick-up from warehouse, packet shipment, and delivery by truck.

Job openings

  • The website has a page where all the current job openings on the website are listed according to multiple categories like Desk and Service employees and Sales employees.

Cost management

  • The website provides advanced features for customers that if a customer wants to buy a certain amount of wood which is variable then the cost can be adjusted with respect to the wood length.

Real-time updates

  • Customers will get real-time updates for the orders when they get approved and out for delivery. Apart from this, the customer will get other important updates and notifications.


The client’s partnership with TatvaSoft has offered them high-performing, robust and top-notch product quality. Our Magento developers have successfully developed an interactive website with all the essential features and functionalities that would enhance the client’s business and navigate profitable business results. More specifically the client was able to achieve the following benefits

  • Social presence and Brand build
  • More credibility to their business of used and new building materials
  • Cost-cutting and Market Expansion
  • More insightful consumer insights and feedback
  • Competitive advantage and growth opportunity

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