Online Learning for Schools


Our client is a leading cloud-based web application provider based out in California, USA. The client developed innovative apps for users from diverse industries. Now, the client aimed to develop an application that boosts students’ performance during school and at home. They wanted to develop an app that would keep students, teachers and parents updated with the progress of the student, its homework status, attendance via visual snapshot, behavior, and subject progress reports.

This web-based application was intended for the teachers and their management to track all the homework, replacing or complementing an existing paper planner system. Students and parents are expected to regularly check Milk for new messages, homework tasks, and student achievement dashboard updates.

Key challenges of the project were:

  • To communicate seamlessly between communication with existing SIMS software data to our platform.
  • To auto process integration of school with SIMS software and link up with our platform
  • To efficiently synchronization data in the portal during school time
  • To instantly notify and broadcasting of important news
  • Parental control on student activity


Tools & Technology

  • PHP
  • Laravel
  • Angular
  • Cordova
  • Linux
  • Nginx
  • MySQL


TatvaSoft developed instant planning and scheduling app to efficiently manage homework, Appointment, Messaging, and Analytics through school planner system with the following features listed below:

Assignment management

  • Teachers can set homework and students will be notified about homework settings. All students will access their homework tasks, resources with a specific timeline to finish homework. Students can complete homework and give a rating of homework difficulty rates. The teacher can download the homework and check and make them complete.

Messages & communication

  • The teacher can broadcast the message when some important activity is to be done by the students e.g. homework setting, homework reminder, homework feedback. Portal allows by doing individual chat messages.


  • School admin can see the entire school reports of assignments and modules by teachers as per specific class and students. When any user (staff, student, or parent) was last active on Milk and downloaded user reports to help you analyze the homework performance of a specific class. Monitor whole school student and parent message open rates.


  • Schools can send appointment schedules to the student and parents in case of details discussed on student performance or specific things that would be discussed between student, parents, and teacher.


  • Students will get the entire month time table from the last day of the previous month so accordingly can be aware of features learning topics and subjects.

Parent access and control

  • The school will allow parents or guardians to log in and access the profile of your children so parents can track the progress of the child without knowing the child.

School Administrator

  • Ability to upload student & parent lists, timetables, and behavior if MIS/SIS integration is not supported via third-party tools. Entire portal setting management rights for school, teacher, student, classes.


  • The payment module offers a different plan for school with a few days of the free trial. Auto-renewal, payment reminder emails and many mores offer to provide.


The US-based client successfully delivered the web application to the client and the client-generated higher revenue and multiple associations with different schools. With TatvaSoft’s Solution, the client saw a surge in their customer base. There were multiple added benefits such as

  • It reduced school photocopying and messaging budgets which is beneficial for the environment.
  • Parents can take the help of the teacher after school if your child has special educational needs.
  • Students will get motivation through the portal based on rating and review features.
  • Parents can see the progress of the child and can monitor ongoing activities of the child at home which is time-saving and effective for all.
  • Schools can now have a better evaluation of students and the monitoring of teachers and students.

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