Document management system


Our Client is an education service provider. The education industry is an ever-evolving sector so our client decided to develop a web-based educational platform for businesses to store, track and manage files in school or university of any size or domain. The major challenge the client faced was with manual tracking and managing multiple records and the inability to fetch it during the need. This application is able to store unlimited records and record types that would help businesses keep a bird’s eye on each and every record, activities performed on the record and protect them from tampering of records.

The prerequisites of this developed application were:

  • Storage of all the files and tracing each activity on the file
  • Find possible ways to upload files through hardware and software
  • Backup of files
  • Ease out the process of fetching the files
  • Organization level integration for accessing and securing files with a passcode
  • Sharing facility which allows editing of PDFs

“Ed-Files” has a wide range of goals and objectives apart from keeping a track of the location and status of files. We can easily integrate Ed-files with any backend database/application and can avoid the use of redundant data and multiple files and folders to organize it. To overcome the struggle of manually fetching the files and expecting a faster result will be managed by this developed Solution.


Tools & Technology

  • C#
  • ASP.Net
  • WCF
  • ADO.Net
  • jQuery
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • IIS
  • pdf editing services


The team of experts at TatvaSoft developed a systematic filing system to track and manage records at ease. Employees at the office, school, and university or at any enterprise can now get information at their fingertips. The users can easily see where the documents belong and find them from the system of various documents. Perhaps, with our developed application businesses no longer has a fear of file being tampered from foreign access or file lost because of no backups? With easy access from the internet, this designed application diversified features:

  • Ability to store files as per different category and sub-category
  • Multiple automated ways to upload a file - via the web, FTP, sending email
  • Separate integration with TWAIN scanner to directly store a file in server from the scanner
  • Auto backup of files on the cloud for longer retention and back-up purpose
  • Integrated OCR and elastic search to quickly search within multiple files
  • The different access level for files and folders for different users
  • Ability to create fillable PDF and share it to multiple users
  • Integration of digital signature


TatvaSoft developed an Ed-file and folder system that digitized the data and stored it in our developed application allowing users simpler accessibility and compatibility of documents. This application has given users the liberty to boost the process of file storing and using files. The perks of using our application have enabled our client to focus on only the essential details given in the file and leave the rest to the application. The following are some of our noteworthy results of the application.

  • Able to sell the application to other companies and users
  • Ability to scale up the application vertically and horizontally
  • Storage of thousands of files at a categorical level
  • Easily keep track of all files in the organization
  • Sharing of files to multiple customers at a time
  • Secure and lock file and folders for different users
  • Easy to upload a document from any platform
  • Reminder notification facility to user
  • Better handling of files and keep a record of them
  • Ability to add reduction to document

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