School Management System


Our client is a US-based prominent leader in the education industry who envisaged to create cutting-edge technology solutions for the relevant growth of educational centers proficiently and intellectually. The existing business operated on paper-based processes for registration, enrollment, management, and monitoring. These day-to-day tasks were getting monotonous, tedious & time-consuming with humans to handle. To overcome this manual paper-based process, the client needed a transformational solution with advanced technologies to support the academic and administrative processes of educational units, universities, and schools.


Tools & Technology

  • MVC
  • jQuery
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • Microsoft Sync Service
  • Entity Framework
  • Bootstrap
  • Crystal Report
  • QuickBooks
  • Mailgun
  • SMSEnvoi


TatvaSoft understood the client’s concerns and addressed them with the digitization solution. Our technical experts came up with an integrated educational solution designed and developed to streamline, automate, and simplify the overall administration of the educational units. Our solution facilitated multiple aspects of school management by providing a centralized platform to parents, students, teachers, and sponsors. School management software is futuristic and includes everything any educational institution will ever need.

Admission Management

  • Allows users to streamline and customize the admission process with real-time tracking with online as well as offline.

Student and Staff management

  • With this feature, cumbersome databases of students and staff can easily accessed through this centralized system. Acquire all user details at your fingertips, anytime and anywhere.

Academic Calendar and timetable management

  • One-click optimized & customizable academic calendar and time-tables for every class based on teacher availability.

Attendance management

  • This module provides faster attendance storing and management with special features like absent student auto-notification to parents on their email, leave applications uploading and more.

Fee Tracking and Payment Management

  • Allows ERP enabled databases for school fees as per grades, full customized collection parameters as per the needs. Online Payment mode availability to keep track of all payments in real-time.

Exam Scheduler

  • This helped to Streamline examination and student assessment process by automated and guided question paper creator and exam scheduler.

Report Card & Grade management

  • Allows teachers, students, and their parents to monitor current grades as well as the results of tests and exams. One-click print-ready final & term report cards. Auto-upload of signed reports to the student & parent portal.

Event Management

  • Notify school holidays, create school events, and easily distribute the information on various channels.

Library Management

  • Makes library operations more efficient by rapidly switching to simplified book issues and the return process. Bulk upload books as per category, barcode generation, tracking books & record maintenance.

Communication Portal

  • Instant data accessibility & communication across web applications, mobile devices of parents, students & staff. Ensure timely communication of important updates with a suite of SMS, emails & in-app notifications.


Collaboration with TatvaSoft was a turning point for the client’s businesses because this switch to the digitization of the School management system offered them a naive experience. This solution boosted the performance of teachers and students by helping them execute their routine tasks in the most efficient way while providing real-time statistics to school management. The client gained huge financial benefits as well from this solution which helped many other schools to standardize their management process as well.

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