Our client is a UK-based eLearning solution provider offering innovative and cutting-edge technology services to leaders in the educational sector. The client envisioned to develop an eLearning platform that would connect multiple stakeholders on a single centralized system. This developed product was aimed to educate multiple people online by harnessing available materials, knowledge and skillsets of leaders.


Considering the evolving needs of the educational landscape, our client decided to develop an eLearning application that will closely interlink School, Teachers, Students and Parents on a centralized system.

The client had some prerequisites for the product with some vital features such as:

  • Lessons management and schedules
  • Assignments and Homework management
  • Report card review
  • Messaging system between Student, Teacher and Parents
  • Appointments module
  • Survey management


Tools & Technology

  • Ruby on Rails
  • Linux
  • Nginx
  • PostgreSQL


TatvaSoft thoroughly analyzed the client’s requirement to recommend the best-suited solution tailoring to their business needs. Our Solution was developed using Ruby on Rails framework that supported scalability and sustainability of application. This would assist clients to easily launch an eLearning website with multiple functionalities of shared information of the course, exchange ideas and liberally discuss trending topics. We developed a powerful solution that is extremely user-friendly and effective for eLearning

Lesson management

  • In this module, we have facilitated teachers to upload lessons, courses and information for students. Students can have access to the lesson with an on-schedule date facility as well.

Homework submissions

  • For each lesson, the teacher can add homework or exercise to practice. This homework and exercise will be available to students once they will complete studying the lesson.

Exam Module

  • Teachers can add assessments for each lesson and assign them to students. Once the student has completed the exam and they can see the results of the exam on their report card


  • System has a facility to schedule appointments between teachers and parents.


  • This module has the functionality to get feedback from Parents. Teachers can create different surveys and publish them for parents. Parents can give their feedback for surveys available.

Messaging module

  • Advanced messaging module that helps teachers, students and parents to communicate with each other.


  • System will send notifications on different activities to keep everyone updated. Notifications will be sent for meetings, Lesson schedules, Exams and results, etc.

Reports and Graphical statistic

  • Different student report cards are available to get a summary of how the students performed during lessons, exams were attended by students and if yes then their scores are displayed. Also in the parent's accessibility section, there is a report card section where parents can see the exam score of students.


  • Flexibility of time for students to learn and clear their doubts anytime through the messaging system
  • Parents are up to date on learning and progress of students
  • Teachers can save their time on monotonous activities and can invest in enhanced learning materials that would benefit students through this online platform
  • Students have round the clock access to the learning system and materials
  • Client has enabled a feature to enroll multiple schools on this platform and can generate a newer revenue stream

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