The client is a UK-based Charitable Federation company working globally federation pronouncing justice in various aspects such as social justice, gender equality, and poverty eradication, and many more. To bring justice into existence, the funds are required by the federation. These funds are provisioned to the federation from multiple stakeholders, governments, foundations, or corporations. The client has a global level Contract Management System to manage the flow of funds. The client came up to TatvaSoft to help them develop a solution that would provide self-guided training on the usage of its global level system to its end-users.

The client wanted to develop a new application to manage their contracts and to provide training to end-users using our in-house developed full-fledged application with diversified features.


Tools & Technology

  • SharePoint Online (Office 365)
  • JavaScript
  • jQuery
  • SPFx
  • MS Stream
  • Visual Studio Code
  • Power Automate


We developed distinct and varied features for the application using Office 365 modern user interface to facilitate this training program. This training program is provided in several courses to deliver the exact information. Our developed web Solution is accessible through two user roles – Admin and Trainee User.


  • The Admin user is responsible for managing the content of the different courses and tracking the users’ progress.
  • This user has access to Admin Dashboard and all course pages.

Trainee User

  • The Trainee user is an end-user who is going through this training process and studying the different courses to understand the process of managing the funds in the Contract Management System.
  • This user is having access to its User Dashboard and the all courses’ pages.

Admin Dashboard

  • The Admin user account will have access to this Admin Dashboard functionality.
  • This Dashboard has key features like “Overview”, “Total User Count”, “Course Completed Chart”, “Average Quiz Result Chart”, “News & Course Updates” and “Course Wise User Report”.

Trainee User Dashboard

  • The Trainees will have access to the User Dashboard.
  • It includes features like “Overview”, “News & Course Updates”, “User Courses”, “Saved Pages”, “Documents” and “Links”.

Course Page

  • The course page is managed by the Admin user and used by the trainee user for learning.
  • The Admin user will include the below features in a course based on its requirement.


  • As the user completes a course by completing the quiz score greater than or equal to the minimum percentage, the completion certificate is generated for that specific course.
  • When the user completes all the courses by achieving the required target, a completion certificate for all the courses will be generated for that user and it is emailed to him and the Admin user.

Application Features

These are some of the highlighted features of applications based on users and their role and their current page in which they are added by the Admin User.


It displays the information (title and description) related to a page

  • Course Image This image depicts the various figures related to its associated course.
  • Labeled Graphic Content It is an image that depicts the information related to its associated course in the form of different coordinates which are displayed as markers with description and hovering on a marker, revealing the description.
  • PowerPoint Document Timeline The PowerPoint document provides the details related to a course with some interactive clicks on the document.
  • Documents The documents from a specific repository i.e. a document library of course or user home dashboard page is displayed for a comprehensive understanding of the course or any other features in detail.
  • Stream The information is also provided in the form of video(s) and those videos are managed from a stream channel.
  • Course Quiz In this functionality, the questionnaire associated with a course is conducted for a trainee user and it is tracked how much he has understood the course. The user is required to score the minimum percentage to complete the course.
  • Image Matching Game For a course, the images are displayed on the left-hand side and are required to map them with the associated groups on the right-hand side. It is a logical interface where the end-user can check his understanding by playing this matching game.
  • Total User Count It displays active users as per their courses’ status and the total number of active users.
  • Course Completed Chart It shows the number of users who have completed a course against each course in a bar chart.
  • Average Quiz Result Chart This functionality depicts the average result of the trainee users against each course in a bar chart.
  • News & Course Updates Latest published “News and Course Updates” are displayed via this functionality.
  • Course Wise User Report Shows the average result of the trainee users against each course in a bar chart.
  • User Courses This functionality displays the progress of trainee users for all the courses. Mainly it displays the course name, the quiz score, and the certificate link.
  • Saves Pages It shows the pages which are bookmarked as the favorite by trainees.
  • Links It displays the quick links to access on the user home dashboard.


The seamless experience of the site provides the excellent delivery of the Contract Management System flow to the trainee users. TatvaSoft Solution has helped their business achieve a great sense of accomplishment.

  • Admins can conduct quizzes for the various courses as and when needed.
  • Easily track the progress of each user in each quiz.
  • Helps the admin user to easily monitor trainee progress using unique visual representations like charts and reports.
  • Improved Knowledge sharing platforms for all the users benefitting their careers in the long run.

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