The transportation and logistics industry has emerged as the backbone of modern global supply chains that helps to realize the full potential of the people, time, asset and information. Some of the key challenges faced by the industry operators today are:

  • Frequent rising in fuel prices
  • Environmental compliances for regulation of engine emission
  • Security issues in supply chain
  • Increased risks of product damage with extended transit time
  • Managing variations in transit times
  • Vulnerability of damage to product or transportation equipment in transit
  • Providing better value to the customer in return for their investment

TatvaSoft has provided Software Development for Shipping, Transport & Logistics Industry solution for logistic management that enables planning, execution and controlling of the movement of goods, information, and people. Intended to provide all supporting activities within an IT system, our logistics solutions are committed in achieving specific business objectives.

Our Offerings

TatvaSoft with domain expertise and depth knowledge in the logistic industry offered end-to-end business solutions to Shipping, Transport, and Logistics Industry in UK that helps to gain visibility, improve internal processes and provide proactive security logistic IT applications.

  • Delivered GPS tracking enabled web based system that provides real-time vehicle positions on the world map, communication on different stops and landmarks, effective planning of routes, for one of the leading fleet management service providers in the United States
  • Offered business solution that facilitates standardised and streamlined maintenance process for subsidised vehicles, managing fuel claims and helped to reduce the involvement of manpower and communication time for a leading South Africa based company
  • An accurate, efficient and fast response to the people requiring an immediate aid, a Windows based application with rich features enables route planning for all the facets of emergency responses for one of our esteemed customers based in the United States
  • Advanced and comprehensive ship voyage planning and management toolkit delivered to a leading Shipping Company in Europe that helps to capture the reliable and efficient information on cargo operations and tracking the remote position of vessels on the map


  • Fleet Tracking System
  • Vehicle Maintenance Manager
  • Emergency Dispatch System

Our "Fleet Tracking System" is a simple and user-friendly transmission (GNX Device) that communicates with GPS data. It allows our customer for real time tracking of fleets, view historical tracks routed, notify about the events that require immediate attention, generate group reports and much more. Ensuring business owners to manage their resources effectively, our solution leads to potential savings in fleet running costs, increases productivity and enhances customer services.

Key features:

  • Real-time tracking to view current (or last when the GPS device connection was active) fleet location on map
  • Ability to communicate messages, stop address and information to fleet driver
  • Geo-fencing to define the virtual perimeter on geographic areas with specific interest
  • Facilitates to view history track of fleet on the map
  • Set and manage Maintenance tasks for vehicles
  • Generate reports at scheduled time and send to appropriate user via. mail
  • Complete control of assets and staff activities
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Assuring that vehicles stay well-maintained for maximum efficiency and longevity, our "Vehicle Maintenance Manager" is a full featured, comprehensive solution for managing the maintenance of vehicles. It includes systematic records, manages services and repair of vehicle, planning maintenance activities, schedules preventive maintenance, inspections, quickly searching and viewing pending tasks, tracking maintenance histories and much more. Ensuring compliance with government legislation, our customer benefited with eliminating unplanned vehicle downtime.

Key features:

  • Comprehensive recording and storage of vehicle maintenance
  • Generate a quote for task maintenance and send an invoice to the merchant via. SMS, fax or email
  • Capture request for fuel log-sheet claims of a subsidised vehicle owner
  • Manage bank transaction and payment
  • Generate monthly bills and client statements
  • Detail reports on maintenance activities for easy analysis and decision support
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Works as a platform for public safety. Our "Emergency Dispatch System" helps to get the current location of the caller on the world map, ensures quick response to the event, schedules an event for any help in response to the call received, keeps track of all the responses given and much more. Ensuring efficient assignment of resources, minimizes the resource delay and thus extremely useful in responding to people requiring help.

Key features:

  • Provides real-time information of the caller and incident location
  • Event scheduling for the received call request
  • Multi-agency response that ensure the correct combination of people and equipment arrival
  • Interfacing with 911 call handling and background check programs
  • Support rule-based response plan management
  • Comprehensive reporting tool with auditing capabilities
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Our customized software development services for transport, shipping, and logistics has revamped the client's business solutions and helped them in meeting ever-changing challenges of their industry.

Why TatvaSoft?
  • CMMI ML 3 Software Development Company
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • 16 Years of IT Experience
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Approach to build long term relationship
  • Global exposure and diverse expertise
  • Onshore-offshore model
  • Proper Hierarchy & Escalation path
  • Expertise on diverse technologies & domains

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