Education Industry is marching ahead with technology and it continues to create innovative and creative opportunities. Thus forging a continuous cycle of learning and development. The aim of education software is to achieve better facilities, convenience, flexibility and access to global experts for learners, educators, and management. From schools, colleges, universities to corporate world, education and learning management software has played a major role in addressing various issues being faced on a daily basis:

  • Scattered resources - learner, educator and learning material
  • Lack of mobility
  • Lack of collaboration between school, students, and parents
  • Administrative activities are still carried out on papers and files
  • Inappropriate focus on research and development
  • Creating integrated platform for several age groups and skill-sets

The Education & Learning Industry Software Development from TatvaSoft is committed to help you in managing and improving the education system, comply with changing educational norms and age-groups. Solutions developed by TatvaSoft are highly scalable, reliable and sustainable.

Our Offerings

While education faces numerous challenges for personal assessment, and effective training which apprentices have in traditional classrooms, TatvaSoft has emerged with desktop and web based solutions, and mobile applications to help to overcome the shortcomings and maximize the training experience with IT innovations. TatvaSoft's broad expertise of custom software development for education industry and integrated models have helped our clients in accomplishing their organizational goals and strategies to mitigate IT risks in Education Industry.

Some of our business solutions with proven track records are as follows:

  • Facilitates easy and greater level of management of students, courses, and their offerings, students' attendance for each class, students' progress, parents meeting, schedule, students' record book, the Written Student Learning Plan (WSLP), WSLP credits, class events and much more for a school based in the USA
  • Built a comprehensive training solution that continuously keeps track of employees' competencies, need of training to enhance or improve skills, certifications, and education
  • Built an intelligent website solution for Online learning and sharing teaching resources which were designed to help health sciences students across a range of disciplines from interviewing indigenous patients and clients
  • Conceived and developed excellent application for students, teachers, scientists and engineers who needed an immediate and easy verification solution to solve quadratic equations quickly, find an area of 6 shapes instantaneously and get a solution in Fractions of a second
  • Built smart, useful and intelligent solution, simple to use, CMS based website where visitors get necessary information about school, activities, work environment and admission opportunity


TatvaSoft has offered cost-effective and comprehensive IT business solutions that cover most of the aspects of Education domain.

  • E-Assessor
  • High School Digital Diary
  • E-Mentoring

Innovative way to design an e-portfolio for QCF work based competencies, accessible from anywhere, anytime, irrespective of internet accessibility. Video conferencing tools reduces remarkable travelling cost and time, ability to plan and manage schedules more efficiently and effectively. Facility to assess apprentices' learning and work and audit assessors' work in order to manage quality.

Key features:

  • Video conference facility, Electronic signatures compliancy
  • Merging of legacy with latest technological advancements, in tandem with user experience and application performance
  • Area to planning, record, evaluate and scan self-skills for continual professional development (CPD)
  • Schedule sessions and facility to book available virtual conference room
  • Record, track and monitor progress of learners associated to assessor
  • Custom report builder and facility to manage course wise learning resources
  • Full audit trail of dialogue between assessors and quality assurers
  • Cloud enables learners to take a copy of their e-portfolio when they have completed their learning
  • Skill Scanner and gap analyser
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Comprehensive and Integrated high school platform for teachers, students and parents aimed to provide each school with administrative rights for the teachers, students and parents accessing the diary, as well as unique branding and school information.

Key features:

  • Assists schools with the difficult task of disseminating important information to students and their parents
  • Secure login to students/parents/teachers for viewing their diaries and daily activities
  • Message notification system to improve communication between users
  • Friendly to the environment-reduced use of paper
  • Digital media is more acceptable to students and in keeping with trends emerging in other subjects
  • Easily accessible by anyone from any part of the world and at any time
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The web portal is a great boost for the individuals and the professionals to exploit their full potential and share their knowledge to the people around the world. Provide e-mentoring programs to professionals and students and motivate students with better education and choose career choices that will nurture the life of students.

Key features:

  • One-on-one mentoring to single and group of students
  • Assignments, Messaging feature between mentors and the students
  • RSS Feed and Twitter followers to know the following of the people for this website
  • Articles and newsletter to encourage the students and the mentors
  • Management of the forums and the project resources
  • Video chat and record message option between mentors and students
  • Administrative feature to manage the multiple schools, organizations, post announcements
  • Access rights and role Management for the Users (teachers, mentors, mentees)
  • Auto timeout and audit trail facility
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TatvaSoft has provided Software Development services for Education industry to its several clients. Have a glance of our expertise in Education & Learning domain.

Why TatvaSoft?
  • CMMI ML 3 Software Development Company
  • Microsoft Gold Certified Partner
  • 16 Years of IT Experience
  • Intellectual Property Rights protection
  • Approach to build long term relationship
  • Global exposure and diverse expertise
  • Onshore-offshore model
  • Proper Hierarchy & Escalation path
  • Expertise on diverse technologies & domains

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