Know How Twilio APIs Works

Twilio is a powerful and well established cloud communication platform that helps you connect to your customers through Voice, SMS, Video, chat and many more channels. Reach one customer or a million on their preferred channel with Twilio API calls. We can help you to implement this and take your customer communication experience to the next level.

Agile & DevOps, are Ally or Foe?

No longer, DevOps is an unknown term. Software development companies and business are grasping DevOps which is incredible, even organizations following Agile methodologies are moving ahead to embrace DevOps. Nonetheless, the digits of adoption are progressing but are causing a great number of disarray too.

Implication of open source .Net core

Microsoft’s effort to make .NET open source is an effort to encourage sharing bug fixes, encourage sharing of documentation and libraries. Now, .NET could compete on a perfectly level playing field.

The when, where and why to use NoSQL

There are many instances of when, where and why one should use NoSQL. The two major attributes of NoSQL is the flexibility and scalability and has drawn a lot of attention and experimentation recently.

Bad coding practices that could destroy a software development project

In any coding task, the best coding practices are a set of informal rules that the software development community has learned in time which could help boost the quality of the program. A lot of the computer program remains useful for far longer than the original authors imagined, some even up to forty years or more. That is why; any rules must facilitate initial development and subsequent enhancement and maintenance by people aside from the original authors.

How Virtual Reality transforms the Hotel industry

Virtual reality is one of the hottest buzzwords in the hotel industry. It presents a new platform for engaging current and potential guests and marketing the best that a hotel has to offer in a fresh way.

Innovation and development in the Oil and Gas field

Innovation and development in the oil and gas field is vital nowadays. For the industry to continue to serve its purpose and to continue to be profitable, various technologies are needed to bring some very huge changes that provide advantages to both the industry and the people in the world.

Why to prefer a CMMi certified Software Development Company?

Software development companies based at UK are emerging by the growing demand of Software development services. There are many small to big size companies which claim to have skilled resources to serve your software development requirements, but why to have only skilled resources is not enough for you when you are searching for the software development company? You are browsing several companies who can meet your business needs and assess them by taking quotations and reviewing their previous work. But how does a company guarantee you an unmatchable good quality solution and delivery on time? This is the point when you get interested in knowing the processes a software development company follows for developing and deploying a project.